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Data item


AIXM mapping

airport designator

The published designator of the airport where the apron is located, used in combination with other elements in order to identify the apron portion concerned.


airport name

The published name of the airport where the apron is located, used in order to identify the apron(s) and/or apron portion(s) concerned.

apron name

The published name of the apron concerned. This information is used in combination with the airport designator/name in order to identify the affected  apron(s) and/or apron portion(s)

apron portion closed geometry

The coordinates defining the apron portion to be closed.


location and extent description

Textual description of the closed portion location and extent. 

ApronElement.annotation with propertyName="extent" and purpose="DESCRIPTION"

closure reason

The reason for the apron portion closure.

ApronElement/ApronAreaAvailability.annotation with propertyName="operationalStatus" and purpose="REMARK". Note that the property "warning" of the ApronAreaAvailability class is not used here because it represents a reason for caution when allowed to operate on the apron, not a reason for a closure.

start time

The effective date & time when the apron closure starts. This might be further detailed in a "schedule".

ApronElement/ApronTimeSlice/TimePeriod.beginPosition, Event/EventTimeSlice.validTime/beginPosition and Event/EventTimeSlice.featureLifetime/beginPosition

end time

The end date & time when the apron closure ends.

ApronElement/ApronTimeSlice/TimePeriod.endPosition, Event/EventTimeSlice.validTime/endPosition and Event/EventTimeSlice.featureLifetime/endPosition also applying the rules for {{Events with estimated end time}}


A schedule might be provided, in case the apron portion is effectively closed according to a regular timetable, within the overall closure period.

ApronElement/ApronAreaAvailability/Timesheet/...according to the rules for {{Schedules}}


A free text note that provides further details concerning the apron closure.

ApronElement.annotation according to the rules for encoding annotations

Assumptions for baseline data