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For types of airspaces which are not specifically listed in the CodeAirspaceType class, the 'OTHER' value will may be used, followed by the code (abbreviation) for the local/regional type of the airspace. In such a case, in addition the localType attribute may be encoded with the full name of the local airspace type (e.g. 'OTHER:MOA' and 'Military Operations Area').

As a rule localType should only be coded in case 'OTHER' or 'RAS' is are used for type.

For ATS airspaces, which may be composed of several parts, AIXM provides a corresponding "Part" type (e.g. 'FIR-P', 'CTR-P', etc.). For all other airspace types, a generic type 'PART' is provided. This allows to encode a whole airspace as a composition of its parts. (See also topics Airspace - Parts  and Geometry of Airspace). This concept is not known by PANS-AIM but may be used, if needed.

To indicate that an airspace or area is under military, joint or civil control, the controlType attribute will be used. Examples of such airspaces include military ATS areas (TMA, CTR, MATZ), military operations areas, military training/exercise areas, R and D areas reserved for military activities, etc. This attribute is not known by PANS-AIM but may be coded, if needed.

Code Block
titleCoding Example Fragment (DONLON)
<aixm:AirspaceTimeSlice gml:id="ASE_EAMOA01_MOA">
	<aixm:localType>MILITARY OPERATING AREA</aixm:localType>



In addition, for some ATS airspace types such as "FIR" or "Danger Area", a designator will be encoded. For some types of airspace PANS-AIM requires an designation (or identification) for other it does not (see Introduction above).