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The AIXM logical data model is provided in UML and comprises a series of packages and class diagrams.

Naming conventions

Feature, Object and Choice names are written in UpperCamelCase e.g. NavaidEquipment. 
Simple property names (i.e. attributes) are written in lowerCamelCase e.g. widthShoulder. Relationship names are written in lowerCamelCase but as present tense verbs e.g. isSituatedAt. Relationship Role names are also written in lowerCamelCase and they are nouns that express the role played by the class in the association. 
Datatype names are written in UpperCamelCase and end with 'Type' e.g. CodeAircraftType.


The diagram also shows that each AIXM Feature and each TimeSlice is described by metadata. The AIXM XML schema incorporates the ISO 19139 metadata elements - see ‎3.2.2.


Finally, each TimeSlice may contain an Extension. The Extension mechanism allows each user of AIXM5 to define and use his own specific attributes and classes. This section provides detailed explanations about the UML artifacts that are used in AIXM, including stereotypes, naming conventions and examples of usage.

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