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The eventual update of this type of event shall be encoded following the general rules for {{Event updates [archived] Event update or cancellation}}, which provide instructions for all NOTAM fields, except for item E and the condition part of the Q code, in the case of a NOTAMC

If a NOTAMC is produced, then the 4th and 5th letters (the "condition") of the Q code shall be "AK", except for the situation of a “new NOTAM to follow", in which case “XX”shall be used..

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titleEBNF Code
template_cancel = ["(1)" "AHP.BL.type (2)" (" (3a)" | "AHP.BL.ARP (3b)")  ] "\n" \n 
"Apron" "" ["(5)" ("," | "and")] {"" ["(5)" ("," | "and")]} ("resumed normal operations." [| " : New NOTAM to follow.(14)"]).

The following pattern should be used for automatically generating the E field text from the AIXM data




If the NOTAM will be followed by a new NOTAM concerning the same situation, then the operator shall have the possibility to


choose the "New NOTAM to follow"

and this text shall be appended at the end of item E of the NOTAM C

branch.  This branch cannot be selected automatically because this information is only known by the operator.

Note: in this case, the 4th and 5th letters of the Q code shall also be changed into “XX”