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Baseline Data - ICAO Digital Data Sets


The Digital NOTAM encoding is based on the general temporality rules of AIXM 5, as detailed in the Temporality Concept document. Thus, most Digital NOTAM encodings will produce TEMPDELTA TimeSlices for the affected AIXM features. For example, a temporary navaid out of service event will be encoded as a new TimeSlice with interpretation equal-to 'TEMPDELTA' for the corresponding Navaid and including a property operationalStatus with value 'UNSERVICEABLE'.

Therefore, a pre-requisite for any Digital NOTAM application is the availability of the corresponding static data, in the form of BASELINE TimeSlices. In the example given above, it is required that the Navaid BASELINE TimeSlice is available both to the application that will generate the Digital NOTAM encoding and to the clients who will receive and use the Digital NOTAM data. The BASELINE data can exist locally or in a remote reference database.