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  1. Re: [OBL.UNS] Obstacle lights unserviceable - coding

    Editorial/adjust text: OBL.UNS announces a temporary changes in the status (light unservicable) not when the obstacle starts to exist (or ceases to exist for "end time".
  2. Re: [OBS.NEW] Obstacle new - decoding

    Omit, item is optional.
  3. Re: [OBS.NEW] New obstacle - coding

    eTOD manual v3.0 was published recently (May 2021) supporting compound structures. The text in the publication guidelines is older. Should be checked also with the static data part, that is, obstacle data set part of the AIXM guidelines  
  4. Re: [SFC.CON] Surface condition report - decoding

    Editorial: it is obvious but add in brackets anyway "per airport"?
  5. Re: [SFC.CON] Surface condition report - coding

    Regarding summary from our group meeting on 20 JAN: ANAIS also requires "NR" as common value in items E, F and G. 
  6. Re: [SFC.CON] Surface condition report - decoding

    Silent approval in the meeting that "lower" could be abandoned here.
  7. Re: [SFC.CON] Surface condition report - coding

    In EAD system an operator needs to insert specific "NR" value, so the field is not left blank.
  8. Re: [SFC.CON] Surface condition report - decoding

    Both ICAO and EASA mention that "LOWER RUNWAY DESIGNATOR NUMBER" is mandatory, but further in the Situational awareness section explanations it is "the applicable runway designator". I would opt for removing here "lower" and maybe explaining that the order should be from the lowest to highest?
  9. Re: [AGS.UNS] Airport Ground Service unserviceable - coding

    updated coding example(s) to be provided
  10. Re: [SAA.NEW] Ad-hoc special activity area - creation (NOTAM)

    Thanks Tomas, I have corrected the table in accordance with of OPADD 4.1.