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  1. Re: [OBS.NEW] Obstacle new - decoding

    No, per AIXM 5.1.1 model to which this scenario refers. ( 
  2. Re: [SFC.CON] Surface condition report - decoding

    Before we start to fill in Item I), EAD automatically fills Item RWY with "LOWER RWY designator number".  Then in Item I), EAD automatically fills both RWY designators from SDO. The 1st one is always lower.  If there are several RWYs on the same airport, "LOWER RWY designator number" will be put in this item RWY and w
  3. Re: [OBS.NEW] Obstacle new - decoding

    Is there a field for 'Marking' YES/NO?
  4. Re: [FFS.CHG] Rescue and firefighting services change - coding

    Link missing
  5. Re: [AGS.UNS] Airport Ground Service unserviceable - decoding

    Could this not also be just one of the two?
  6. Re: [GNSS.UNS] - GNSS not available - decoding

    Is this a status which is legally ok with the use of GNSS? If not, it should probably be deleted or at least mentioned.
  7. Re: [GNSS.UNS] - GNSS not available - coding

    is already included (at least in the decoding part)
  8. Re: [GNSS.UNS] - GNSS not available - decoding

    QGWAU would normally be scope "E" (for area). AE it is only if also an airport is affected. Maybe we should split and differentiate between the two templates. For the area type we could provide E if FIR only, and AE if also an airport is affected and make a note regarding the "several NOTAM possible" matter we could th
  9. Re: [WLF.HZD] Wildlife Hazard

    Editorial (copy/paste error from LVP scenario): Text to refer to wildlife activities that cannot be predicted.
  10. Re: [OBL.UNS] Obstacle lights unserviceable - coding

    Editorial: adjust text (Same as "start time", obstacle still exists afterwards, just light is working again)