The purpose of this space is to enable various interest groups to document AIXM extensions, that are being developed and used in that specific community. The AIXM Extension concept enables extending the core AIXM features with new attributes or associations. It also allows defining new aeronautical information features, which are only relevant for that interest group. The technical rules for the creation of AIXM extension schema are provided through the AIXM web site: AIXM 5.1.1 - Extensions.

Providing a space that enables documenting such extensions might be interesting from two perspectives:

  • it offers visibility to these extensions, in particular knowing that data sets containing extensions may be made available to users outside the community that has developed or that is using the AIXM extension schema. If the extension schema documentation is publicly available, then the end users are able to understand the purpose of the extension and to decide if they are interested to use the extension data. This can also avoid duplication of extensions, as independent communities might try to extend the AIXM model in the same way;
  • it gives the possibility to evaluate the merit of certain extensions for being considered for inclusion in the core AIXM model, in a future version. For example, an extension for VFR data might be considered useful to include in the core AIXM model.

Public AIXM Extensions

The extensions mentioned in the table below are publicly available, in the sense that all the documentation (UML model, XML Schema, purpose, scope, usage rules, samples...) are available to the whole AIXM user community, either directly through this site or through links to other public sites.

AIXM versionExtension TitleShort descriptionNamespacesOwnerLink
5.1.1Event SpecificationCoding of aeronautical data that concerns identifiable operational situations, which result in the temporary or permanent alteration of one or more aeronautical information features or of their properties. Such operational situations can range from a simple runway closure or navaid unavailability to a complex change of the route structure or a military exercise. Extension
5.1.1Aerodrome Surface Routing Network (ASRN)The extension includes the aerodrome surface routing features that are not present in AIXM 5.1.1: edges and nodes. Extension
5.1.1ADREuropean extension related to the management and sharing of Airspace data. Extension

Private AIXM Extension

The extensions mentioned in the table below are not publicly available. However, they are listed here in order to provide at least some minimal information about the owner of the extension, in case a data set that includes elements from that extension is made available to a third party.

AIXM versionExtension TitleShort descriptionNamespacesOwner

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