This space is dedicated to the further development of the Digital NOTAM Specification and of the automatic NOTAM production guidelines.

An initial version 1.0 was published in 2011 and it is available on the web site. That version was used for trials and test implementations, in particular in the context of the SESAR project 13.2.2. Based on the feedback collected from these implementations, an updated version (2.0) is now in preparation, including both improvements to the previously scenarios and new coding scenarios.

In Europe, version 2.0 is the reference Digital NOTAM coding specification for the "CP1 Regulation". Further details are provided here: Digital NOTAM Use Cases.

Important note

The Digital NOTAM Specification 2.0 will contain only the AIXM 5.1.1 data coding scenarios.

The NOTAM Production rules for each scenario are only guidelines, which might be adapted to local practices. Elevating the NOTAM production rules to Specification status would de-facto standardise the NOTAM messages. This was outside the mandate of the Digital NOTAM Specification working group, which has drafted these coding/decoding scenarios. 

Scenarios overview (Digital NOTAM Specification 2.0)

Latest update - 18 March 2024

The status status specified for the coding rules and for the NOTAM production guidelines shall be understood as follows:

  • Ready - The scenario is finalised and no significant changes are expected. Small changes/adjustments are still possible, based on further feedback from implementations.
  • Draft - The scenario is developed and it is available publicly. It is sufficiently mature for being implemented. Significant but limited changes are still possible, based on feedback from early implementers.
  • WIP - Work in progress. The scenario is being developed and it is not yet available publicly. Developers may request access to the work area when the scenario is being finalised.

These scenarios are currently used in the Eurocontrol iNM/eEAD development, which is planned to start full operations in May 2025. The feedback from the iNM implementation is used for adjusting and correcting the coding rules and the NOTAM production algorithms, where necessary.

By the nature its content, which includes data coding rules and data processing algorithms, the Digital NOTAM Specification is not suitable for a "document review" process. Only a "validation by implementation" approach can ensure the maturity and the fit for purpose. This is currently happening through the iNM project. It is not expected that a formal document review process could change significantly the content of the Specification, as the iNM implementation ensures a de-facto validation of the content. 

ScenarioCoding rulesNOTAM Production guidelinesRemarks
Aerodrome/Heliport - closure[AD.CLS] Ready[AD.CLS] Ready

Aerodrome/Heliport - usage limitation change

[AD.LIM] Ready[AD.LIM] Ready

Runway - closure

[RWY.CLS] Ready[RWY.CLS] Ready

Runway - usage limitation change

[RWY.LIM] Ready[RWY.LIM] Ready

Runway portion - closure

[RWE.CLS] Ready[RWE.CLS] ReadyRequires graphical data input

Runway centreline point - displacement

[RCP.CHG] Ready[RCP.CHG] Ready

Runway declared distance(s) - change

[RDD.CHG] Ready[RDD.CHG] Ready

Taxiway - closure

[TWY.CLS] Ready[TWY.CLS] ReadyRequires graphical data input

Taxiway - usage limitation change

[TWY.LIM] Ready[TWY.LIM] ReadyRequires graphical data input

Apron - closure

[APN.CLS] Ready[APN.CLS] Ready

Apron - usage limitation change

[APN.LIM] Ready[APN.LIM] Ready

Apron portion - closure

[APE.CLS] Ready

[APE.CLS] ReadyRequires graphical data input

Apron portion - usage limitation change

[APE.LIM] Ready[APE.LIM] ReadyRequires graphical data input

Aircraft stand - closure


Aircraft stand - usage limitation change


Surface condition report

[SFC.COND] Ready[SFC.COND] Ready

Published special activity area - activation

[SAA.ACT] Ready[SAA.ACT] Ready

Ad-hoc special activity area - creation

[SAA.NEW] Ready[SAA.NEW] Ready

Published ATS airspace - activation or deactivation

[ATSA.ACT] Ready[ATSA.ACT] Ready

Ad-hoc ATS airspace - creation

[ATSA.NEW] Ready[ATSA.NEW] Ready

Navaid unserviceable

[NAV.UNS] Ready[NAV.UNS] Ready

New obstacle

[OBS.NEW] Ready[OBS.NEW] Ready

Obstacle lights unserviceable

[OBL.UNS] Ready[OBL.UNS] Ready
Other[OTHER] ReadyNot applicable
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  1. Question: Scenarios, that are not listed here, but are in specifications are not part of Digital NOTAM Specification 2.0? Will they be included in next version(s)? Namely: AD.LGT, AGS.UNS, DEI.IOP, FSS.CHG, GNSS.UNS, LVP.IOP, RTE.CLS, RTE.OPN, WLF.HZD.