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This space is dedicated to the further development of the Digital NOTAM Specification.

An initial version 1.0 was published in 2011 and it is available on the web site. That version was used for trials and test implementations, in particular in the context of the SESAR project 13.2.2. Based on the feedback collected from these implementations, an updated version (2.0) is now in preparation, including both improvements to the previously scenarios and new coding scenarios.

Important note

The Digital NOTAM Specification 2.0 will contain only coding scenarios, using AIXM 5.1.1. This document will be published as an Eurocontrol Specification, following a wide stakeholder consultation process planned to start in Q2 2023.

The NOTAM Production rules for each scenario will continue to be maintained and will be provided through this web site.  

The parts of the new version that are considered sufficiently stable for being made publicly available are being moved here, as they become available. This enables a final review to be made by anyone interested in the Digital NOTAM Specification.

Only the scenarios starting with '[2.0]' in their name are intended for inclusion in the Specification version 2.0. Other scenarios provided here shall be considered as a draft, which be finalised and included in a future version of the Digital NOTAM Specification.

Scenarios overview

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