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The item A shall be generated according to the geographical location of the Event. Further details are provided with each scenario. The following common formatting rules apply:

  • If IFR location indicators are used, they are retrieved from the Airspace.designator of the Airspace with type equal-to 'FIR' selected as indicated in the scenario
  • If an aerodrome location indicator is used, then:
    • if the AirportHeliport concerned has an assigned value for its locationIndicatorICAO, this one is used in item A
    • otherwise, if AirportHeliport.locationIndicatorICAO is empty, then CXXX or CCXX shall be used, where C/CC are the country code. In this case, the shall be added at the beginning of item E (see OPADD 2.3.14). Note that this element does not appear in the item E generation pattern diagrams of the various scenario.
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