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All encoding scenarios include the possibility to provide free text notes. These are encoding in AIXM 5 as Note objects, associated with the TimeSlice that is created for the Event, as indicated in the general AIXM coding rules for Note. Each scenario includes further details about the encoding of such Note items, in particular with regard to the values of the propertyName and purpose attributes.

Maximum length

The maximum length of a Note text (translatedNote.LinguisticNote.note property) in AIXM is 10 000 characters. This largely exceeds the size of a normal NOTAM. See also the further details concerning the multi-part NOTAM. In addition, information provided by Notes should be concise and easy to present in full in a limited space. Therefore, each Note text shall be limited to 250 characters. If more space is needed, each scenario allows repeating the Notes as many times as necessary.

Overwrite baseline notes

According to the AIXM Temporality rules, the annotation properties included in a TEMPDELTA TimeSlice completely replace the BASELINE annotations. Therefore, any eventual BASELINE annotation that remains valid during the validity of the TEMPDELTA should be included (copied) in the TEMPDELTA.

Character set and formatting rules

Annotations shall use the formatting rules and shall be limited to the use of the character set specified in the Character set and text formatting rules.

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