target version:

AIXM 5.2



last updated:

10 MAY 2019




Create new association from ProcedureTransition to AirportHeliport, rename an existing role name, and change definition of role name and association.

Rationale for change


In the current model, the ProcedureTransition can be associated only with a runway or FATO, but not directly with an AirportHeliport. There are cases where a common portion of a SID or STAR is used for all the runway at an airport or for more than one airport. Therefore, a procedure transition needs to be associated with one or several airports. 

A second issue is that the association between ProcedureTransition and LandingAreaColection applies to all procedures. However, the current role name ("departureRunwayTransition") makes it look like limited to usage with SID. It should be renamed "runwayTransition".

Impact assessment

[FWD_MAP_1:1] Data mapping is possible and no data loss occurs when data is exchanged from a system (A) that uses AIXM 5.1.1 for output towards a system (B) that uses AIXM 5.2 for input.

[BWD_MAP_LOSS] Data mapping is possible, but some data would be lost (or converted into Notes) when data is exchanged from a system (B) that uses AIXM 5.2 for output towards a system (A) that uses AIXM 5.1.1 for input.

Change Proposal details

In the UML model:

  • Add new association ProcedureTransition services AirportHeliport
    • 0…* on both sides, “airportTransition” role name on the AirportHeliport side and definition = “ProcedureTransition services one or more aerodromes and/or heliports”;


  • Delete the association ProcedureTransition isFor LandingTakeoffAreaCollection with the role name ‘departureRunwayTransition’.

  • Add new association ProcedureTransition isFor LandingTakeoffAreaCollection, composition, navigable towards LandingTakeoffAreaCollection
    • 0..1 LadingTakeoffAreaCollection with “runwayTransition” role name, definition = “The group of landing or takeoff areas that may be referenced during an arrival or departure”. 

The UML class diagram highlights the changed elements: 

(Blue = new association.  Brown = deleted association)

Mapping AIXM 5.1.1 to AIXM 5.2 (forward)

[MAPC-00] The following algorithm shall be applied:

  • For each ProcedureTransition that has a child departureRunwayTransition element
    • insert a new element 'runwayTransition" as a copy of the “departureRunwayTransition”
    • delete the element “departureRunwayTransition”

Mapping AIXM 5.2 to AIXM 5.1.1 (backward)

[MAPC-00] The following algorithm shall be applied:

  • For each ProcedureTransition to has a child runwayTransition element
    • insert a new element “departureRunwayTransition” as a copy of the “runwayTransition” element
    • delete the element  “runwayTransition”

[MAPC-02] From the three backward mapping options applicable in this case, the first two (discard the value or use an extension) are straightforward and do not need any further details. The 3rd option (backward mapping into a Note) is detailed in order to provide a complete description of this case and its conversion option. The following mapping into Note algorithm is proposed:

  • For each  ProcedureTransition that has airportTransition child elements:
    • Remove the airportTransition child element 
    • Add an annotation.Note to the ProcedureTransition with:
      • purpose=“OTHER:BACKWARD_MAPPING”;
      • translatedNote.LinguisticNote.note=”services AirportHeliport identified by xlink:href=... (copy the value of the airportTransition@xlink:href...”)

Mapping example

Mapping example to be added...

(Note: for mapping test data see:

AIXM 5.2AIXM 5.1(.1)


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