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The purpose of this space is to provide information about the new AIXM 5.2 version, which is being developed under the AIXM Change Control Board (CCB).

The AIXM 5.2 Change Proposals that have already been approved in the CCB are listed below and the complete change description is provided on a separate page. Where available, data coding examples and other supporting material is provided in order to facilitate the understanding of the changes.

In addition, a summary of remaining issues and change proposals that are in development under the CCB is provided. This will be updated monthly until the final AIXM 5.2 publication - remaining issues and change proposals in development.

Important Note

This site is for information only! The change proposals presented here have already been approved by the AIXM CCB. Only comments of an editorial nature should be made here. Comments and suggestion for further AIXM model improvements should be provided via the AIXM CCB members. 

Transversal Topics






Procedures (SID/STAR/Approach/Holding)

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