target version:

AIXM 5.2



last updated:

15 SEP 2022




An association is added between AirTrafficManagementService and AirportHeliport.

Rationale for change


In the current model, the AirTrafficManagementService has direct associations with Airspace and RoutePortion. This was traditionally the case, as ATFM operations were typically (such as 'departure slot' allocation) provided at an airspace level.

More recently, airports are also becoming actors in the ATFM process. For example, through "collaborative decision making (CDM) processes, through services such as "Departure Planning Information (DPI)", etc.

In order to more accurately reflect the role the airports play in the ATFM process, a direct association between AirTrafficManagementService and AirportHeliport is proposed.

Impact assessment

[FWD_1:1] “No data mapping is necessary and no data loss occurs when data is exchanged from a system (A) that uses AIXM 5.1.1 for output towards a system (B) that uses AIXM 5.2 for input.”

[BWD_MAP_1:1] “Data mapping is possible and no data loss occurs when data is exchanged from a system (B) that uses AIXM 5.2 for output towards a system (A) that uses AIXM 5.1.1 for input”

Change Proposal details

In the UML model:

  • In the AirTrafficManagementService class:
    • Add an association “manages” AirportHeliport with the role name “clientAirportHeliport” and multiplicity 0…* on the AirportHeliport <<feature>> side, definition = “The AirportHeliport for which the air traffic management service is provided.

Mapping AIXM 5.1.1 to AIXM 5.2 (forward)

  • Not applicable.

Mapping AIXM 5.2 to AIXM 5.1.1 (backward)


  • For each AirTrafficFlowManagementService that has one or more clientAirportHeliport child elements:
    • Create an InformationService with type=’OTHER:ATFM’
    • Copy all other relevant AirTrafficFlowManagementService attributes’ values into corresponding InformationService attributes.
    • Copy clientAirportHeliport element from AirTrafficFlowManagementService as clientAirport element of the InformationService, maintaining the same xlink:href.
    • Remove the AirTrafficFlowManagementService and child elements

Mapping example

(Note: for mapping test data see:

AIXM 5.2AIXM 5.1(.1)


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