target version:

AIXM 5.2



last updated:

08 AUG 2022




Additional attribute is added to LightElement to allow for indicating the direction of the lighting.

Rationale for change


It was identified that in the current model it is not possible to indicate direction of the LightElement, such as unidirectional or bidirectional. This is necessary, for example, for runway lighting elements.

Impact assessment

[FWD_1:1] No data mapping is necessary and no data loss occurs when data is exchanged from a system (A) that uses AIXM 5.1.1 for output towards a system (B) that uses AIXM 5.2 for input.

[BWD_MAP_LOSS] Data mapping is possible, but some data would be lost (or converted into Notes) when data is exchanged from a system (B) that uses AIXM 5.2 for output towards a system (A) that uses AIXM 5.1.1 for input.

Change Proposal details

In the UML model, in the LightElement class:

  • Add a new direction attribute defined as “An indication of the light emission direction.”, data type CodeLightDirectionType.

In the UML model, add the following data types:

  • CodeLightDirectionBaseType (stereotype <<codelist>>, definition: “A coded value representing the direction in which lighting element emits light”), with the following list of values:
    • UNIDIRECTIONAL, definition = “Emits light in a single direction.
    • BIDIRECTIONAL, definition = “Emits light in two directions.
    • OMNIDIRECTIONAL, definition = “Emits light in all directions.
    • OTHER, definition = ‘Other’
  • CodeLightDirectionType (specialisation of CodeLightDirectionBaseType, stereotype <<datatype>>, definition: “ A complex data type that enables the provision of a NIL reason for any attribute using this type.”), attribute:
    • nilReason (type: NilReasonEnumeration)

Mapping AIXM 5.1.1 to AIXM 5.2 (forward)

Not applicable

Mapping AIXM 5.2 to AIXM 5.1.1 (backward)

[MAPC-02] For each LightElement that has a direction value:

 The following mapping into Note algorithm is proposed:

  1. Remove the new attribute direction.
  2. Add an annotation.Note associated with the owner class having

translatedNote.LinguisticNote.note=”direction:<value of direction>”

Mapping example

(Note: for mapping test data see:

AIXM 5.2AIXM 5.1(.1)


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