This space is dedicated to providing information about AIXM data sources. As much as possible, the information is maintained by the organisation/authority that is the actual owner of the data. There are two ways to navigate in this space:

  • by selecting a Country/Territory on the map below (a dedicated page will open in a separate tab page in your browser);
  • using the AIXM data sources inventory page, which includes both States and other data sources, such as regional systems.

Work in progress

Only a few links (try Central America, France, Latvia!) lead to data samples for the moment. If you are aware of an AIXM data source that you consider useful to list on this page, please add a comment on this page.


This is a simplified map of the World, intended solely to facilitate the navigation through the list of AIXM data sources. This map does not represent the position of EUROCONTROL (as host of this site) or of any other site contributor with regard to the ownership of disputed territories. The names of the States displayed on this map are based on the ICAO Member States list, available here:

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