The Airport Data Toolkit is a EUROCONTROL and INEA (the EC Innovation and Networks Executive Agency) co-funded project which sought to establish modernized ways of airport data sharing based on cloud computing, SWIM (according EUROCONTROL specifications and in alignment with ICAO SWIM concepts), service orientation (SOA principles), and collaborative community approaches.
In the context of SWIM, the digitisation and provision of data is done close to source (data origination), in order to improve the data quality, integrity and the efficiency of the process. This requires the provision of digitalisation means that support data originators whilst also aligning to the SWIM specifications related to the context of the PCP/CP1 regulation (5.1.3. ATM sub-functionality on Aeronautical information exchange).

The Airport Data Toolkit provides airport side encoding means for specific events, such as runway closures, airspace activations, navaid outages, etc., thereby filling an existing gap. In addition the toolkit provides airport mapping baseline data sharing. This is needed for the Digital NOTAM origination application and other downstream SWIM enabled applications (e.g. situational awareness).
The project embraces the SWIM concept and provides the required airport baseline data under the form of SWIM information services based on the SESAR programme developments and the EUROCONTROL SWIM specifications. The Digital NOTAM origination application is a SWIM-enabled application which is consuming the relevant SWIM information service.

Figure 1 - Airport Data Toolkit in a nutshell

Airport Data Toolkit in a nutshell


Airport Data Toolkit - demonstration Digital Event & NOTAM Origination Tools (DENOT) v 2.0 - 7 December 2021


EUROCONTROL: [email protected] 

Screenshot of Digital NOTAM origination application consuming aerodrome mapping data SWIM service

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