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ICAO Annex 15 16th Edition and the new PANS-AIM (ICAO Doc 10066) require that:

"5.1.1 Aeronautical information shall be provided in the form of aeronautical information products and associated services."

The aeronautical information products include both the standardised presentation documents/messages (AIP, AIP AMDT, AIP SUP, AIC, aeronautical charts, NOTAM) and digital data sets. A general recommendation is made in the Annex 15 that:

" Recommendation.— Global communication networks such as the Internet should, whenever practicable, be employed for the provision of aeronautical information products."

PANS-AIM indicates that "Further guidance on digital data set distribution can be found in the Manual on System-wide Information Management (SWIM) Concept (Doc 10039).While the current Doc 10039 – Manual on SWIM Concept - and its envisaged update, will in principle not contain domain specific guidance such as for the provision of digital aeronautical dataset services, it is expected to contain guidance on the so called transversal requirements (common to all domains) on SWIM information services. The requirements are expected to be provided per the envisaged PANS-IM Vol 1 SWIM.

Purpose and scope

The purpose of this project is to:

  • encourage harmonized implementations, in order to save cost and accelerate the deployment of the digital data sets.
  • propose Service Definitions (and accompanying Aeronautical Data Set Information Definition) for a suite of Aeronautical Data Set services that support aeronautical digital data sets. 
  • validate the service definitions through test Implementations, such as a prototype using fictitious and sample AIS digital data sets.

Important Note

The Aeronautical Data Set service definitions and their implementation are limited to the provision of data sets as specified in the ICAO Annex 15 and PANS-AIM.

Other digital data services may be deployed by AIS. Service definitions for such services can be found on the Aeronautical SWIM Services page.

Service specification

  • Service DefinitionA document, issued by a community of interest, used to harmonize service implementations.

Edition History

The initial service definition, overview and the prototype implementation were the result of work done in the Eurocontrol RTD/DAI and PRISME units, mostly in the frame of the SESAR Project 18-04a.

They have since been updated to:

  • take into account feedback and to
  • add details on the subscription service
  • take into account work in other communities dealing with information services.


The following persons have contributed to this effort.


Walter van Hamme

Prototype Developer 
Project 18-04a Lead
Prototype development coordinator
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