Following the ICAO Global Air Navigation Plan (GANP), SWIM plays an important role to realize the future vision of the European ATM Masterplan (EATM). Indeed, the EATM sets the evolutionary goal towards the future Digital European Sky and introduces the “digital transformation” notion for the transition. This means building upon the recommendations provided in the SJU study: “A proposal for the future architecture of the European airspace.” In this study the emphasis is put on the decoupling of data/information service provision from local infrastructure and the progressive increase of collaboration and automation levels.

With the implementation of information services a more connected and collaborative environment emerges. This environment is based on the standards, requirements and principles of SWIM as confirmed by the SESAR deployment programme.  Applying SWIM to the use case of aerodrome mapping data will lead to increased collaborative situational awareness.

More information on SWIM: https://reference.swim.aero/

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