Provision of AMD is based on three main driver perspectives:

'State level initiation'

The 'State level initiation' approach builds on the fact that the State makes a decision based on applicable requirements (ICAO provisions & EU law) to make AMD provision compulsory for specified aerodromes.

The State should specify individual aerodromes (as described in ICAO Annex 14, Chapter 2) for the provision of AMD where safety and/or performance-based operations suggest possible benefits. In this case the State should delegate the CAA with task to implement national regulation.

'Aerodrome initiation'

The 'Aerodrome initiation' approach builds on the fact that an aerodrome decides to provide AMD. The decision is driven by the possibilities that the use of AMD provides.

These are described in the 'Application and use cases of AMD'. The main benefits are increase of safety and situational awareness following digital information sharing.

'ANSP/AISP initiation'

The 'ANSP/AISP initiation' approach builds on the ANSP need for AMD.

Should an aerodrome not come to a positive business case the ANSP/AISP can originate AMD internally or sub-contract commercial providers.

(info) Whichever the implementation approach, collaboration between ANSP/AISP, the CAA and the aerodromes is an important factor for success. Hence also the importance of SWIM in this context.

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