Digital NOTAM (D-NOTAM) is a message containing operationally relevant updates exchanged between systems.

D-NOTAM data can be used to overlay AMD with information on temporary changes affecting operations such as work in progress areas, closed taxiways/runways, new obstacles such as cranes and more.

Event specifications cover the encoding specificity for the different categories of events.

For more information, please visit: https://ext.eurocontrol.int/aixm_confluence/display/DNOTAM/Overview

Use of Aerodrome Mapping Data

Various AMD features are used in the D-NOTAM scenarios of the event specifications.

AMD is foundational for creation of D-NOTAMs for aerodromes and AMD features provided as AIXM 5.1.1 baselines are used in support of D-NOTAM encoding.

Use case narrative:

This example describes a fictitious use case concerning changes in the usable length of the runway due to partial resurfacing.

LKPR airport decided that on a given date, part of the runway 06/24 will be reconstructed, resurfaced. 

According to plan it will take two weeks to finish the works and until then, part of the runway will be closed. Since the remaining part of the runway will still be viable to limited operations, it is decided to keep part of the runway open for taxiing. 

The picture shows the portions of the runway subject to closure and limited availability for taxiing. The portion of the runway which crosses runway 12/30 is not affected and fully kept available for operations.

Aerodrome personnel can visualize, prepare and plan the resurfacing event exploiting the geo-temporal capabilities of the data an applications. A D-NOTAM is issued ahead of the actual applicability of the temporary changes.

Using the geo-temporal capabilities of the encoded data rich visualizations can be presented to the consumers. In addition, during operations the information can be shared with the relevant aerodrome actors using dedicated applications as applicable within each specific aerodrome context.

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