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This space provides coding guidelines for the ICAO AIP Data Set in AIXM 5.1/5.1.1 format. The objective is to ensure that AIP data sets provided by different States can be effectively used by the downstream AIS data chain actors, particularly by Data Provider (DAT) organisations. This includes a formal mapping into AIXM 5.1/5.1.1 of the AIP Data Set subject/properties, as contained in the new PANS-AIM (ICAO DOC 10066).

Concerning the status of the coding guidelines

The AIP Data Set coding guidelines are in PROPOSED status. EUROCONTROL intends to start a formal consultation process, with the objective to release a formal AIP Data Set - AIXM Coding Specification by the end of 2019. Although the exact content and structure of the intended Specification remains to be defined through further consultation with the stakeholders, it is likely that it will include only the mapping to PANS-AIM and the data set verification rules. Guidance on the coding of particular cases will probably continue to be provided through this collaboration area.

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