The purpose of this section is to provide an exhaustive set of temporality use case examples. This includes both regular situations (such as new feature, changed properties, withdrawn feature, etc.) and exceptional situations (such as postponed change, cancelled withdraw, etc.) All the examples are included in an AIXM Temporality reference implementation, provided in the form of a series of fictitious "Donlon" data sets. This can be also used as a test suite. The actual coded examples (AIXM 5.1.1 data sets) are maintained under a dedicated gitHub repository.

The temporality use cases are presented in two ways:

  • as lifetime events for fictitious features, such as a DesignatedPoint (GITUB), an obstacle, etc. This presentation is recommended for those who are interested to understand how different events in the life of an aeronautical information feature are coded using the TimeSlice model.
  • as a series of consecutive data set updates, which contain the actual TimeSlices of the feature lifetimes mentioned at the previous point. This thread is more appropriate when using the data as a test suite.

Note: This section replaces and expands the former chapter 4 "Usage examples" of the AIXM Temporality Concept, version 1.0.

The 'lifetime' thread

The following fictitious aeronautical information features are used in order to exemplify the temporality coding rules:

Additional cases to be added as examples:

  • Non-AIRAC update (on the effective date) to a feature that was already updated through an AIRAC data set (issued 28 days in advance)
  • temporary change
  • postpone feature creation (before effective date)
  • postpone permanent change (before effective date)
  • postpone feature withdrawal (before effective date)
  • cancel feature creation (before effective date)
  • cancel permanent change (before effective date)
  • cancel feature withdrawal (before effective date)
  • postpone temporary change (before effective date)
  • immediate cancellation of temporary change
  • Additional change to a feature before an already provided future change

The 'data set updates' thread

The following data set updates are provided:

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