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This section sets out the minimal metadata requirements to be satisfied by an ICAO data set that is provided as a file. The requirements are based on an analysis of ICAO Annex 15, the PANS-AIM and suggestions from the AIM community.

This section also provides guidance on how to satisfy the requirements. It maps the requirements to the fields found in ISO19115 (2003) and gives examples encoded using ISO 19139 (2007) which is an XML Schema implementation of ISO 19115 (2003).

Note: A newer version of ISO 19115 is now available. This does not substantially change the mapping.

Finally, it provides recommendations on how to complete the mandatory elements in ISO 19115 (2003) which are not required for an ICAO data set. These elements must be provided in order to be valid against ISO 19115 (2003).


This document covers the minimal metadata requirements on ICAO data sets that are provided as files. It does not:

  • consider the metadata to be provided by an information service (as described in the ICAO SWIM Concept); or
  • consider the additional metadata required by obstacle, terrain and aerodrome mapping specifications; or
  • prohibit the addition of additional metadata by AIS.

Figure 1 summarises the ICAO Annex 15 obligations regarding metadata. The AIS has obligations when collecting data from the surveyor/originator and when verifying the data. However, these are not in the scope of this document. Instead, the scope of this document is the obligation on the AIS to provide data sets to the next intended user. Therefore, the requirements set out in this document are those found in “ICAO Data Set” section of the figure. These are supplemented by the need to use the ISO 19100 series as the reference framework, the need for data protection and the need to include geographical information.

Target Audience

The target audience for this document includes, but is not limited to:

• developers of systems in support of the generation of ICAO data sets.

Document Structure

Definitions - provides the definitions of important terms used in the specification for metadata

Metadata Requirements - sets out the minimal metadata requirements to be satisfied by an ICAO data set which is provided as a file.

Applicability of Requirements - explains which of the requirements apply to the different forms of data set.

Rules and Recommendations for Metadata - provides guidance on how to satisfy the requirements using ISO 19115 elements and the ISO 19139 XML Schema.

Additional Elements Fulfilling ISO 19115 (2003) - outlines the additional steps required to complete the mandatory metadata elements in ISO 19115.

Appendix A - details the analysis of the metadata obligations which was undertaken in order to derive the requirements set out in this document.

Appendix B - contains a full example of the metadata in XML format.


[1] ICAO Annex 15 – Sixteenth Edition

[2] PANS-AIM – First Edition

[3] ISO 19115 (2003) – Geographic Information – Metadata

[4] ISO 19139 (2007) – Geographic Information – Metadata – XML schema implementation

[5] Guidance and Profile of GML for use with Aviation Data  

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