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This third update of the Donlon AIP Data Set is effective on 05 December 2019. It is provided in three forms, according to the AIS Data Set interoperability rules for baseline data and updates:

The following table contains the description of the changes that are coded in this example and explains how they appear in each of the files

Type of changeDescriptionEA_AIP_DS_FULL_20191205_AIRAC.xmlEA_AIP_DS_UPD_BL_20191205_AIRAC.xmlEA_AIP_DS_UPD_DELTA_20191205_AIRAC.xml
Changed feature

The DesignatedPoint "GITUB" is withdrawn

Note: see the complete GITUB lifetime description

Not present (because its validity and lifetime ended).

Coded as one correction TimeSlice with interpretation 'BASELINE':

  • a correction of the previous TimeSllice xPath://aixm:DesignatedPointTimeSlice[@gml:id='DPN_GITUB_3']

Coded as a new TimeSlice with interpretation 'PERMDELTA'.


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