The UML class diagram below shows the main AIXM 5.1(.1) classes used to model the lighting associated with a vertical structure.

In addition to the overall indication that the obstacle is lighted, provided by the VerticalStructure.lighted attribute, a set of classes associated with the VerticalStructurePart allow for detailing the lighting data.

The main element of this model is the LightElement class, which has properties such as colour, intensityLevel, etc. that model the physical characteristics of each light source situated on the obstacle. The hasPosition association between LightElement and ElevatedPoint allows to indicate the exact location, horizontal and vertical, of the light element. A VerticalStructurePart may be associated with zero of more LightElement.

The operating hours of the obstacle lighting or the eventual unserviceability of the obstacle lighting is modelled at two levels:

  • the association lightingIsOperational between VerticalStructure and VerticalStructureLightingStatus allows to indicate the overall status and operating hours of the obstacle lighting (all lights together);
  • for each LightElement, the association isOperational with LightElementStatus allows indicating the operational status and operating hours of the individual light element.

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