This section of the AIXM Concepts space provides descriptions of the AIXM UML model, starting from the UML class diagrams and including details about how various classes, attributes and associations are used in order to give a digital representation of the aeronautical data. For convenience, there are two ways to find the page of interest:

  • on this page, high-level packages such as AirportHeliport, Airspace, Obstacles, Procedures, etc. are used to group the pages that describe how different topics are modelled in AIXM
  • in the left-side menu, the pages are ordered alphabetically.

Most of these pages can also be found integrated at the beginning of pages that describe a specific coding topic. Therefore, the model overview pages need to stay clear of any 'how to code' instruction, in order to avoid conflicts with the information provided on  the pages where they are integrated.

Flight Restrictions

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