XSD generation pattern

Classes marked with the stereotype <<choice>> do not appear in the XML Schema. Instead, the choice of elements is created. The name of the element is the concatenation of the role of the <<choice>> class with the role of the target class of each choice branch, separated by "_", as shown in the following example.

Important note

In case of two consecutive <<choice>> elements, only that last two role names are used in the AIXM XML Schema. For example, in the case of FlightConditionElement, which has a child <<choice>> FlightConditionElementChoice, which also has a child <<choice>> SignificantPoint (see https://aixm.aero/sites/default/files/imce/AIXM511HTML/AIXM/Diagram_FlightRestrictionsConditions.html?menu=open)  the name of the XML element is composed only of the last two role names. For example: "significantPointCondition_navaidSystem"



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