XSD mapping pattern



In the UML example below, the NavaidEquipment feature has a relationship to the OrganisationAuthority feature. This relationship contains properties defined in the AuthorityForNavaidEquipment class. 
When mapping this in XSD, an 'authorityForNavaidEquipment' property is created in the NavaidEquipment feature as shown below. The name of this property is automatically derived from the name of the association class, by conversion to lowerCamelCase style. The direction of the arrow is important. If the direction would have been to the NavaidEquipment, the property would have been created in the OrganisationAuthority feature. 

A second step is then required to complete the XSD. In this case an element named 'theOrganisationAuthority' is added in the definition of the AuthorityForNavaidEquipmentPropertyGroup, based on the role of the OrganisationAuthority class in this association. 

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