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The purpose of this Web site is to enable the AIXM community to collaboratively develop guidance material in support to the AIXM implementations and to provide information about such implementations. Contributions are welcome, both as simple comments and as content proposal, as explained on the how to contribute page.

The site is organised in three high-level areas of interest: data sources, coding guidelines and extensions. Editorial and text formatting conventions are explained in a child page of this root page: see editorial conventions.


The AIXM Confluence site is organised in "Spaces", each dedicated to a specific topic or sub-topic. Each space is a collection of pages, organised as a tree. A page may have other child pages. The following diagram shows the high-level structure of these spaces. 

Space Shortcuts

 In case you have the sidebar expanded on the left-hand side, besides the table of content you will find also some Space Shortcuts on top.

This are external links (e.g. to or internal links (e.g. to other spaces such as the 'AIXM Coding Overview').

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