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Welcome to the Public Airport Corner !
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NOTE TO AIRLINES: Are you interested in airports information? Would you like to have access or be notified about updates to airport information of your choice? If so, you can get access to the dedicated Airport Corner for Airlines interface which is now available free of charge via the Eurocontrol OneSky Online service. Contact us via [email protected] to arrange access.

EUROCONTROL as Network Manager has a task to help airports take advantage of the 'network approach' to solve operational issues and enhance performance, as defined under the Network Manager Implementing Rule (677/2011).

Therefore we have implemented processes to capture relevant airport information and monitor airport operations and planning.

We are thankful to those airports that regularly contribute to this process by providing information about their capacity, traffic forecast, ongoing and planned activities, future plans about intermodality, environmental constraints, changes on opening hours, weather management, TMA/Approach, traffic mix, infrastructure services and local contact details .

Disclaimer: The information provided through the Public Airport Corner operated by the European organisation for the Safety of Air Navigation (EUROCONTROL) is provided free of charge and for information purposes only. EUROCONTROL does not warrant the accuracy, reliability, completeness and correctness of the information for any purpose nor does it guarantee that they are up-to-date. The Public Airport Corner provides strategic and pre-tactical planning information to support collaborative decision making. In no event and as permitted by law shall EUROCONTROL be liable for any direct or indirect loss or damages that result from use of the information provided through this website. Any information extracted from it should not be used as a single source of information for operational purposes. It should be used in conjunction with official aeronautical sources of information.

Our team of airport information experts is there to assist you personally, should you have any questions, whether on the Public Airport Corner tool or about the information itself.

For more information about this airport information reporting process please consult our website.

If your airport is interested in joining and contributing to our Network Manager planning, please contact us via e-mail.