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The table below shows the main changes made to the wiki since June 26th 2015. It doesn't list every minor edit just the main changes. It is intended to allow you to see what is new that might be of interest.

Date Changes made
11 December 2019 Changes to the wiki to reflect the change in terminiology from 'White list' to 'Logon List'
08 February 2018 Major change in the wiki to it's change scope to match the scope of the DPMF (and no longer the CRO). Consider this version 2.0 :-)
07 July 2017 Deployment maps updated to include Brindisi ACC.
30 Mar 2017 Deployment maps updated to include Zagreb ACC.
30 June 2016 ARINC have released some information regarding their multi-frequency plans.
11 May 2016 Deployment maps updated to include Marseille ACC.
25 November 2015 Deployment maps updated to include HungaroControl.
04 November 2015 some trend graphs for Uplink and downlink message usage have been added.
02 November 2015 some trend graphs for User Aborts have been added.
07 October 2015 updated deployment map to include DNSA IOC.
19th August 2015 The set of maps showing the planned deployment in Europe have been removed as they are considered out of date. Deployment is now the responsibility of the SESAR Deployment Manager.
30th June 2015 News updated to reflect the fact that DSNA will not go live with CPDLC today as previously planned.
26th June 2015 A map showing which ANSPs also support FANSs has been added.
26th June 2015 The PA action plan has been removed from the menu.