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== Monthly Performance reports ==
== Monthly Performance reports ==
*[[Media:2019-06 DL Status June 2019.pdf|'''June 2019''' ]]
*[[Media:2019-05 DL Status May 2019.pdf|'''May 2019''' ]]
*[[Media:2019-05 DL Status May 2019.pdf|'''May 2019''' ]]

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The DPMF provides two kinds of regular reports: i) A data link network operational status report every month and ii) monitoring flights reports some time after a specific monitoring flight has taken place (planned twice a year).

These reports are made available below:

Monthly Performance reports

Monitoring Flight Reports

In addition to these regular reports, ANSPs and Aircraft operators can access online performance data for their own operations via different stakeholder portals.

User Satisfaction Survey

In early 2019 the DPMF conducted a survey of flight crew and air traffic controllers using data link in Europe. A summary of the results is published below: