DSNA Initial Operating Capability

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In the framework of "IOC: Initial Operating Capability", DSNA confirm that CPDLC has been activated by DSNA. The CPDLC Initial Operating Capability includes DLIC + ACM +AMC (i.e. without ACL), for ATN VDL mode 2 flights (i.e no FANS accommodation).

DSNA Implementation is the following:

LFRR (Brest ACC), LFBB (Bordeaux ACC):

DLIC + ACM (Transfer of Frequency) + AMC (UM183 CHECK STUCK MICROPHONE) Only DM WILCO reply will be accepted for UM117 CONTACT [AtsUnit][Frequency] and any DM STAND-BY or DM UNABLE following UM117 will lead to a reversion to voice by Air Traffic Control.

LFFF (Paris ACC) and LFEE (Reims ACC): DLIC and logon forwarding only,

For DLIC, pilots are invited to logon from the ground from airfields located within all these 4 FIRs like LFPO, LFPG in LFFF for instance or airborne no more than 15 minutes prior to entering airspace (unless they benefit from logon forwarding when flying from a CPDLC ATSU)