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The heatmap is available from the DPMF Dashboards and shows a map presenting a number or metrics measured on a geographic cell basis. A number of months can be selected and the corresponding data on the map will show the aggregated results for the selected months. Also an altitude filter can be applied which will filter the data used to calculate the metric, the ATSUs for which the metrics are calculated can be selected and finally a minimum duration can be selected. The minimum duration filter allows the user to specify a minimum amount of data that must be available for each cell before the metric is deiplayed in the cell. It is expresseed in the minimum number of flight minutes that CPDLC has been used within the cels out cells and allows the user to filter out metrics with very small sample sizes (which can result in very high PA rates for example).

The following metrics can be selected:

  • PA Rate. Th eprovider abort rate for the cell.
  • CPDLC Duration. The duration represents the number of hours of CPDLC usage in each particular cell.
  • TRTD. The 95%ile value for the Technical Round Trip Delay for the cell.