The Implementation Map

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The Implementation Map is available from the DPMF Dashboards and shows the foloowing pieces of data for each ATC Centre providing datalink under EC regaultion 29/2009.

The colour of the airspace indicates whether the centre is providing data link in full compliance with the regulation (coloured green), partial compliance (coloured yellow) or is not yet providing data l;ink (coloured red). The outline of each centre's airspace is drawn in red for centres that provide NM data that is used to create the metrics shown on the dashboards.

In each cell the following pieces of data are prseented:

  • The ICAO Ground Facility Designator (e.g. EDYY for Maastricht UAC)
  • The PA Rate. The rate of Provider Aborts.
  • The total number of flights seen operating above FL285 in the airspace.
  • The percentage of flights that indicate they are capable of using CPDLC over the ATN (i.e. have filed J1 in field 10 of the flight plan)
  • The percentage of flights that have been observed (using the data provided by the ANSPs) to have at least attempted to Logon to use CPDLC.