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ROUTE-MON is a standalone system that “listens” at the ATN IDRP (Routing) level by connecting to the inter-connected Communications Service Provider networks. It can thus see ATN Routes to all active CPDLC/ATN aircraft. It is hosted at EIH (EUROCONTROL Innovation Hub) and its purpose is to support:

  • The monitoring of active ATN capable aircraft in real-time and for future analysis
  • Analysis and investigation of technical/operational issues.

ROUTE-MON currently provides the user with the following statistical information on a weekly/monthly basis:

  • Number of connected aircraft (over SITA / over ARINC / other CSP)
  • Number of connected Airlines (over SITA / over ARINC / other CSP)
  • Top ten of connected aircraft – aircraft ID/route prefix/CSP - (routes time of presence)
  • Top ten of connected airlines - (routes time of presence and number of connected aircraft).

ROUTE-MON allows for the analysis of dedicated requests on recorded routes for a defined period of time in order to investigate:

  • Mobile routes being forwarded by an aircraft,
  • Fixed routes being forwarded by an aircraft,
  • Anomalies including Rapid transitions (add/remove events) in routes (fixed or mobile) with a period of transition being configurable.