Performance monitoring and reporting

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Performance monitoring and reporting

The purpose of this task (referred to also as DPM - Datalink Performance Monitoring) is to monitor the performance of the European data link system to allow stakeholders to understand how well the system is performing and to provide insight as to why the system is performing the way it is. It is intended to support many different stakeholder communities and as such will provide performance data at different levels of detail and from different perspectives.

DPM does not address the monitoring of radio interference on the frequencies used by data link; this is the responsibility of the Network manager Radio Frequency Function.

The work of the DPM is overseen by a stakeholder consultation group called the Data link Performance Monitoring Group (DPMG) which meets twice a year. Information is shared with DPMG members via a Onesky extranet site and this wiki is intended to support the broader data link community.

The Role of the DPM

The main tasks of the DPM are as follows:
  • Publication of regular performance reports. The DPM publishes monthly high level performance reports as well as periodic reports from specific monitoring flights undertaken twice a year and annual reports.
  • Ad-hoc performance analysis. Datalink users (AOs and ANSPs) may request a specific performance analysis from the DPM. These reports are intended to allow stakeholders to compare performance of their own business and compare it against an overall aggregated performance level.
  • Forecasting. The DPM is tasked with forecasting the future load and anticipate the performance impact on datalink operations.
  • Stakeholder dashboard provision. Stakeholder dashboards are provided for both ANSPs and Aircraft Operators that allow them to analyse their own performance online.
  • Performance investigations. The DPM may undertake specific performance investigations in order to understand the underlying causes of performance problems. General investigations are undertaken in the context of support to deployment and problem investigations.
  • Logon list management and avionic database maintenance. The DPM manages a Logon list on behalf of some ANSPs that restricts which aircraft are allowed to logon on in their ground systems to use data link. The DPM maintains a database of the avionics installed on these aircraft to support the process.