Performance Reports to Support PA Investigations

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In addition to the regular set of performance metrics that the CRO publishes a number of specific reports are available online (with restricted access). These reports focus on a particular set of aircraft that are equipped with Rockwell Collins VDRs that have a fix for the VDR deafness problem. These aircraft are being closely monitored and a sample of their PAs and delayed messages are being investigated in detail. To support this investigation the following reports are provided:

  • The PA rate of the aircraft fitted with the VDR deafness fix
  • The PA rate of the whole fleet of ATN aircraft
  • The PA rate of each individual aircraft fitted with the VDR deafness fix.
  • A list of the PAs experienced by these aircraft.
  • Details about the individual PAs suffered by these aircraft. This provides details about each individual PA, including the time at which the PA was logged and details about the aircraft's position six minutes before the PA was logged (when the problem causing the PA is likely to have started). The position information includes the ATS route the aircraft was on, the nearest point, the flight level, the time at which the position was measured and finally the difference between the time of measurement and the 'PA-6 minutes' time (to give an indication of how precisely the position given matches the position of the aircraft at the time the problem originated). Position information may not be available for all PAs if you are looking at recent events (because the data is refreshed at a different frequency than the PA data).
  • Instances of messages uplinked to these aircraft that have suffered a delay of greater than 40 secs.
  • The technical round trip delay for transactions involving these aircraft.