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The DLS-CRO aims to monitor the performance of the CPDLC, ATN, VDL Mode 2 and communication service provision systems at a European level, since these must all interoperate successfully in order to generate the expected benefits. The DLS IR requires ATS providers to monitor the quality of service provided. This is the responsibility of each ATS Provider and the DLS-CRO is not intended to replace that function, but may provide support by gathering statistical data. The CRO is required to :

  • Collect data and prepare monthly and overall CPDLC traffic statistics
    • CPDLC
    • ATN
    • VDL2
  • Collect data and prepare monthly operational CPDLC statistics per ANSPs and Airlines
  • Monitor and report Overall End to End Performance vs Requirements
  • Monitor the VDLM2 frequency sharing and channel deployment.

The CRO is expected to fulfil these tasks via the gathering and analysis of operational data at the various levels, using tools developed for the purpose.

A performance monitoring discussion paper has been produced and agreed with the ANSPs that proposes a set of parameters to monitor. This set of parameters is proposed as the basis for the agreement between each ANSP and their National Supervisory Authority as to how to satisfy the requirement in the 29/2009 regulation for the ANSPs to monitor the quality of service.

The CRO intends to make a web page available that will allow stakeholders to create statistical reports of the parameters proposed in the discussion paper for the data that is of relevance to them e.g. aircraft operators would be able to access reports about their own operations, ANSPs about all flights in their airspace, aircraft manufacturers about their own aircraft types etc. This is currently available to ANSPs and will shortly be avalable to aircraft operators.