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Welcome to the Data Link Services Central Reporting Office Wiki
The wiki for use by all data link stakeholders.

The purpose of this wiki is to support the sharing of information between the stakeholders that are implementing and providing the datalink services as required originally by the EC regulation 29/2009 and more latterly by 2015/310. It is provided by the Data Link Services Central Reporting Office of EUROCONTROL. The main focus of this wiki is to provide a convenient means of information sharing between the experts in the main interested parties (ANSPS, ACSPs, Airlines, Aircraft Manufacturers, Equipment suppliers and Regulators), but it is expected that it may also be useful for the broader community of users (pilots, controllers, engineers etc.).

The editing of some pages is restricted, but the majority of pages are able to be updated by all registered users. The idea being to allow the community to share information that is of interest and to keep the information up to date. Stakeholders are encouraged to provide information about their activities that will be of interest to the wider community by creating their own pages in the areas that have been created for each type of stakeholder (click on the type of stakeholder in the box above). A short introduction on how to use the wiki is provided as well as a short video and of course for the wiki to operate successfully there are a few simple rules that all users are expected to follow.

The Role of the CRO

The role of the CRO is to provide a central function for supporting and monitoring the succesful implementation of the datalink services throughout Europe. The general idea is that the CRO consists of a small central team, comprising a CRO co-ordinator, a number of subject matter experts (for CPDLC, ATN and VDL2), supported by and supporting the wider data link community of ANSPs, Airspace Users, and Air-Ground Communication Service Providers (ACSPs).

The functions of the CRO can be grouped under the following headings:

  • Problem Investigation. CRO provides a service for problem reporting and will investigate any problem reports that are assigned to it, in collaboration with the required experts.
  • Performance Monitoring. The CRO monitors the performance of the overall system and publishes a number of performance statistics.
  • Knowledge Management. The CRO aims to provide a central repository of knowledge regarding the introduction and operation on the data link services in Europe, supported by this wiki.

Some dates of interest

30th March 2017 Croatia Control have introduced CPDLC in Zagreb.
2nd February 2017 ANS Czech Republic have introduced CPDLC.
10th November 2016 ENAV have introduced CPDLC at Brinsidi.
24th November 2015 HungaroControl have introduced CPDLC.
22nd Sept 2015 DSNA have introduced a CPDLC initial operating capability.
16th April 2015 LFV are now supporting CPDLC operationally.
2nd April 2015 Naviair are now supporting CPDLC operationally.
17th October 2014 Austrocontrol are now using CPDLC via ATN operationally.
24th June 2014 The IAA are now supporting CPDLC via ATN.
2nd June 2014 DFS removed their white list.
5th May 2014 NAV Portugal are now supporting LOGON via DLIC using ATN.
4th December 2013 Skyguide introduce a white list for ATN CPDLC CPDLC aircraft as well. A single white list is to be maintained for Skyguide and MUAC.
6th November 2013 Maastricht UAC introduce a white list for ATN CPDLC aircraft to reduce the PA rate seen operationally.
10th October 2013: NATS using CPDLC operationally at Scottish and London UIRs.
10th January 2013: Zurich ACC CPDLC operational.
13th December 2012: Geneva ACC CPDLC operational.
15th November 2012: Voice readback was removed at MUAC and DFS.

Recent News...

  • Mar 30th 2017. Croatia control have deployed CPDLC in Zagreb..
  • Feb 2nd 2017. ANC CZ are now operational!.
  • June 30th 2016. ARINC published some information about their multi-frequency plans.
  • May 3rd 2016. DSNA have announced that they are now providing CPDLC IOC services in all French continental airspace above FL195.
  • Mar 18th 2016. The good news continues. The trend for PA continues to fall.
  • Nov 26th 2015. Some good news; the PA rate has been falling over the past 10 weeks and is currently around 5%.
  • June 30th 2015. DSNA have announced that the 'initial operating capability' for CPDLC won't be activated until further notice. This is not expected to be until after the summer season.
  • June 18th 2015. DSNA have announced that they will start operating an 'initial operating capability' for CPDLC from June 30th. This will include DLIC, ACM and AMC for Brest and Bordeaux ACCs, and DLIC and logon forwarding for Paris and Reims ACCs. More details are available in an AIC published on the DSNA web site.

Changes to the DLS IR...

At the Single Sky Committee (SSC) Meeting 55, which took place on 14/15 Jan 2015, the SSC passed a favourable opinion on the proposed amendments to Regulation (EC) 29/2009 (DLS-IR). The regulation 2015/310 which amends Regulation 29/2009 has now been published and is available from the European Commission web site.

The important date changes to Regulation (EC) 29/2009 – in a simplified form - are:

♦ The amended regulation will be applicable as from 05 Feb 2018

♦ All ANSPs should be ready by 05 Feb 2018

♦ All aircraft should be equipped by 05 Feb 2020 (there is no longer a distinction between forward fit and retrofit)

Regarding exemptions, the commission have stated that once this Amending Regulation is adopted the 3rd Decision on Exemptions cannot be adopted and can be considered de facto irrelevant (as the Regulation will not "apply" anymore). However the extra delay for fitting/retrofitting the airborne until Feb 2020 will allow the Commission, pending results of on-going studies (notably by SJU), to work on a revision of the exemption procedure in what they call the STEP2 of this 2-step approach in the review of the DLS Regulation.

  • April 16th 2015. Naviair and LFV are both operational with CPDLC.
  • Oct 17th 2014. Austrocontrol have gone operational with CPDLC over the ATN.
  • Oct 9th 2014. The European Commission held another DLS Workshop to address the evolution of the DLS regulation. Different options were discussed and it is planned to discuss the proposal in the single sky committee meeting in November 2014.
  • Updated ANSP deployment plans have been provided to the European Commission's Interim Deployment Programme.
  • June 17th 2014: The commission announced that it will develop a proposal for amended applicability dates, with the intent of having this proposal endorsed by the SSC in November 2014. The Commission intends to arrange a further workshop in September to gather feedback on the proposal from stakeholders.
  • As from June 2nd 2014 DFS now also support ARINC customers and so have removed their white list.
  • A few short videos have been added to the wiki to show how to access and use some of the CRO tools.
  • Skyguide has also decided to implement a white list to reduce the number of PAs suffered by the controllers.
  • The list of current issues has been updated to reflect the situation in December 2013.
  • As a result of the high PA rate MUAC have introduced a white list to restrict which ATN aircraft can perform CPDLC.
  • The GOLD document (edition 2.0) is now available in the Link library. ICAO plan for this document to be applied within the EUR region by December 2013 once approved, so it is important that stakeholders review it and submit their comments through the ICAO/COG meeting in July and the EANPG meeting in November, and in particular state their views on the concept of RCP150.
  • A check on some new aircraft that have the RC2100 VDR with the 'VDR deafness' fix shows they experience a PA rate of approx 3.9% which is a significant improvement.