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Welcome to the wiki of the EUROCONTROL NM Datalink Activities

The purpose of this wiki is to share information and raise awareness for the stakeholders of the VDL2/ATN datalink deployment in Europe.

The wiki covers the main activities of the EUROCONTROL NM datalink team. There are three main areas of activities, as follows:

In relation to the above activities, the EUROCONTROL NM datalink team facilitates the two European datalink stakeholder groups:

  • the Datalink Performance Monitoring Group (DPMG) and
  • the Data Link Support Group (DSG)

DPMG and DSG together address all aspects of datalink operations and deployment of VDL2/ATN datalink in European airspace. The DPMG and DSG meet twice a year. Information is shared with DPMG/DSG members via dedicated Onesky extranet sites. This wiki is intended to support the broader data link community.


Information on the general NM datalink activities is also available on the EUROCONTROL web site.

Recent Datalink News...

  • 2023/03/20: Updates in this wiki pages including new pages ("Deployment Status", specific pages on NM activities, "Library/Latest Publications", ...) and updates and corrections in other existing wiki pages

  • 2023/03/11: DPMG and DSG meetings, 14-16 March 2023 F2F in EUROCONTROL HQ

  • 2023/01/09: Slovakia offers full set of datalink services

  • 2022/10/18: Portugal offers full set of datalink services

  • 2021/08/01: As from 24th August 2021 MUAC/EDYY will only support CPDLC via the ATN – legacy FANS 1/A support will cease as of then.

If you have proposals for datalink news to share with and of interest to the datalink community please email the NM datalink team.