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The LISAT ANSP Data Download service is intended to allow ANSPs to download the LISAT data in bulk so that it can be imported into other applications such as spreadsheets for more specific analysis.

The service is accessed via the ‘LISAT Data Downloads’ online service available to registered users via the EUROCONTROL extranet.

After selecting the LISAT Data Download service and entering your OneSky login and password you will be presented with a screen like the one shown below:

LISAT ANSP Data Download

You then select from the drop down list presented which ATSU you would like to download data for and the dates between which you are interested and then click the ‘Go’ button.

You request will be logged and the status will be shown as ‘ Waiting’ as shown below.

LISAT ANSP Data Download - Waiting

The request are processed periodically (every few minutes) and once the data is available for download the status will change to ‘ Done’ and a ‘ Download’ link will be presented as shown below.

LISAT ANSP Data Download - Done

Clicking on the download link will allow you to download a zipped csv file containing an extract from the LISAT logs for the ATSU and dates you selected. The file contains a set of data as described in the table below. If you would like other data to be made available via this service please contact the CRO.

Column heading Description
ICAO_GFD The ICAO Ground Facility Designator i.e. the ICAO code for the ATSU providing the data.
FLIGHT_IDENTIFIER The flight identifier used in the logon.
24_BIT_ADDR The ICAO 24 bit address.
EQUIPAGE Indiactes the equippage of the aircraft. Possible values are: atn, fans1-a, or dual-stack.
PROTOCOL The protocol used for this CPDLC session: ATN or FANS.
FLIGHT_DAY The day of the flight.
TYPE The ICAO aircraft type. This data is extracted from the PRISME database based on the ICAO 24 bit address.
TAIL_NUMBER The aircraft tail number. This data is extracted from the PRISME database based on the ICAO 24 bit address.
SESSION_ID A unique identifier (generated by LISAT) for the CM or CPDLC session. Note CM and CPDLC sessions can share a session id i.e. a CM session id is unique within all CM sessions and a CPDLC session id is unqiue within all CPDLC sessions but a session id is not unique within all CM and CPDLC sessions combined.
SESSION_STARTTIME The time at which the CPDLC start request was sent.
SESSION_ENDTIME The time at which the CPDLC session ended, normally when the CPDLC end response is received.
TRANSACTION_ID A LISAT generated unique identifier for the CPDLC transaction.
DIRECTION Uplink or downlink
EVENT The type of event represented by this row of the table: CM Airborne User Abort, CM Contact Request, CM Contact Response, CM Forward Request,

CM Forward Response, CM Ground User Abort, CM Logon Request, CM Logon Resp. (+ve), CM Logon Resp. (-ve), CM Provider Abort, CPDLC end-rejected, CPDLC end-request, CPDLC end-response, CPDLC message, CPDLC provider-aborted, CPDLC start-confirmed, CPDLC start-rejected, CPDLC start-request, CPDLC user-aborted.

DESCRIPTION A description of the message e.g. DM6 REQUEST FlightLevel 350
MSG_ELT The message element number.
MSG_HEADER_TIME The timestamp contained in the message header when applicable.
MSG_LOGGED_TIME The time at which the message was logged by the ground system.
MIN The message identification number sent by the originator.
MRN The message reference number, identifying which message this message is responding to.
LACK_REQ A flag to indicate whether a LACK message is required is response, indicated by a ' Y' .
INFO Supplementary information about the event e.g. the reason for a user abort
LOGON_SUCCESS Flag set to '1' for succesful CM logons events, otherwise 0.
UPLINK_ATTEMPT Flag set to one for each uplinked CPDLC message.
UPLINK_SUCCESS Flag set to 1 for uplink messages that do not contain an error.
DOWNLINK_ATTEMPT Flag set to one for each downlinked CPDLC message.
DOWNLINK_SUCCESS Flag set to 1 for downlink messages that do not contain an error.
TRTD The technical round trip delay
GITD The ground initiated transaction delay.