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The picture below shows a typical page available on the PRISME dashboards. The menu on the left highlighted with a dotted circle allows you to filter the data that is used to create the various reports shown on the page. Note not all filter options may be available to you; some are specific to ANSPs.

Example Dashboard Page

There are a number of different filtering possibilties:

  • To select a different time period change the 'Date From'and 'Date To' to match th etime period of interest to you.
  • You can select which ATSUs to present the data for. The drop down list will only present the ATSUs to which you have the right to view the data as well as 'All Choices'which shows the data for all ATSUs combined.
  • You can select by aircraft type, by entering the ICAO type (e.g. A320, B738 etc).
  • You can select aircraft operator by selecting from the drop list or alternatively by filtering the ' Flight Identifier'using a wild card character (the % sign), for example filtering for DLH% will only include flights by Lufthansa.
  • You can filter by specific ICAO 24 bit address (again using the wild card character %)
  • You can filter by protocol used i.e. FANS or ATN.