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This page provides general information on the datalink deployment in Europe covering deployment status, ATN Logon codes and FANS accommodation

Deployment Status

For datalink operations, since 2023 a new regulatory framework has been put in place transposing the requirements of the previous regulations (29/2009 and 30/2009).

The current datalink regulatory framework is covered by:

  • Commission Implementing Regulation No 2023/1770 covering provisions on aircraft equipment required for the use of the Single European Sky airspace and operating rules related to the use of the Single European Sky (for datalink the information is mainly included in Annex I).
  • Commission Implementing Regulation No 2017/373 as amended by IR 2023/1771 covering requirements for providers for ATM/ANS services, ATM network functions and their oversight (for datalink the changes are mainly included in Annex IV of 2023/1771 - requirements for ATS providers)
  • Commission Implementing Regulation No 923/2012 as amended by IR 2023/1772 covering operating rules related to the use of Air Traffic Management and Air Navigation Services systems and constituents in the Single European Sky airspace (for datalink the changes are mainly included in Annex of 2023/1772 - section 15 with CPDLC procedures and Appendix 6 with completion of Flight Plan)

These three regulations concern the ATN/VDL2 datalink.

The map below depicts the combined ground implementation status (April 2024) for the three above datalink regulations.


For the deployment of the services, there are Deployment actions on 2 ANSPs to deploy DLS: Greece and Norway

For the Logon Ground Transfer (LOF/NAN) there are Deployment actions on 4 ANSPs to complete automated logon transfer with all adjacent centers operating datalink: France, Poland, Portugal and UK.

For the airborne side, considering the declarations in the flight plans filed by the operators with NM, the equipage is above 80%.

ATN Logon Codes

For the ATN/VDL2 datalink, the a/c needs to initiate the datalink connection by connecting to the appropriate ground ATS cenrtre (ATSU) using the dedicated address of the intended ground centre. These addresses, also referred to as ATN logon addresses, NSAP addresses or Ground Facility Designators, are specified and maintained in the ICAO EUR Doc 028 (EUR NSAP Address Registry) document.

The map below consolidates the active ATN Logon addresses in the European airspace.


Future evolution of the active codes list will include the use of additional codes expected as follows:

  • LYBA (for Serbia & Montenegro) - planned for Q1 2024
  • EGII (for single UK code)
  • LSAC (for single Switzerland code)
  • EDMM (for Germany/Munich)
  • ENOS and ENSV for Norway
  • LGGG and LGMD for Greece

The dates of when these codes will be activated are being consolidated.

FANS Accommodation

In addition to ATN/VDL2 datalink, 5 European centres (EGTT, EGPX, EISN, GCCC and LRBB) also accommodate FANS datalink. It is noted that the use of ATN is recommended over FANS in the European airspace in line with the regulation mandating the ATN/VDL2 service only.

Information about deployment is also provided in the NM CNS dashboard.