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The following set of tools are used by the DPMF:

  • LISAT. Statistical data collection and distribution based on CPDLC operational logs from ACCs, also used in problem investigation. Operates at the CPDLC operational level
  • ROUTE-MON. Passively collects and stores mobile (aircraft) and fixed ATN route information by connecting to the live ATN environment. Operates at the ATN routing level
  • MOON. Listens to VDL Mode 2 channels via remote monitoring units, provides VDLM2/ATN statistics and alarms for monitoring and subsequent analysis. Operates at VDL Mode 2 radio-channel level
  • CIMT. The CRO Issue Management Tool is used made available by the DPMF for stakeholders to track problems found with the implementation of the data link services in Europe. The tool was originally provided when EUROCONTROL was providing the Central Reporting Office and the name has been kept to avoid making unnecessary changes to the tool.

These tools generate regular statistical information that can be made available to Stakeholders. As data link is deployed across Europe it is hoped to expand the scope of the data collected by these tools and to further automate the gathering and reporting of the information. The DPMF wishes in particular to expand the scope of the information collected by MOON and LISAT by connecting additional Remote Monitoring Units to Moon and gathering CPDLC operational logs from more ANSPs.