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The figures below show the current status and deployment plans for CPDLC in Europe. The first figure illustrates the currently operational centres and the second shows which centres also support FANS1/A and the figure at the bottom shows how many aircraft are using CPDLC in Europe.

Currently Operational

As of the 30th Mar 2017 the following ANSPs are operational: MUAC, Skyguide, DFS, NATS, IAA, Austrocontrol, LFV , Naviair, DSNA (initial operating capability), HungaroControl, ANS Czech Republic, Croatia Control and ENAV (Brindisi). Note NAV Portugal provide the ability to logon but no services are yet available.

This is for illustration purposes only. Note LFV provide coverage south of latitude 61.30N as required and not the whole country as illustrated in the map below.

CPDLC Deployment in Europe

FANS Accomodation

A number of the ANSPS are also supporting FANS1/A. The map below shows which of the currently operational ANSPs also support FANS1/A operations.

FANS Accomodation in Europe

Aircraft Usage

The graph below shows the number of aircraft seen using CPDLC in monthly periods starting from December 2012. The drop in numbers from November 2013 coincides with the introduction of CPLDC white lists.

Aircraft using CPDLC in Europe

Percentage of flights capable of CPDLC over the ATN

The graph below shows the percentage of flights that are capable of performing CPDLC over the ATN. Note many flights that file J1 do not actually use CPDLC.

Percentage of CPDLC capable flights

The graph below shows the absolute number of flights capable of using CPDLC over the ATN.

Number of CPDLC capable flights