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In the past the Central Reporting Office (CRO) provided a tool to manage problem reporting, investigation and resolution when local resolution was not possible. Although the responsibility for problem resolution now lies with the SESAR Deployment Manager, it has been agreed that the current tool should continue to be used to track problems. To avoid making too many changes the tool will continue to include some references to the CRO (for example each ticket has a 'CRO' prefix) and will continue to be referred to as the CRO Issue Management Tool (CIMT). Users should contact the DPMF to be given access to the tool if necessary, and should then assign the ticket to the appropriate stakeholder (if they know who needs to take action) or to the SDM data link manager.

It is anticipated that there will be two levels of problem reporting and investigation; a local level managed by a particular stakeholder (e.g. ANSP, ACSP, airline, avionics supplier etc.) and a central level managed by the SDM. Whether any particular stakeholder decides to offer a local problem reporting and investigation service is a matter for them to decide and if they do decide to offer such as service, how that service operates is also a matter for them to decide. However in order to maintain an overview of the status of the entire system it would be useful if all problems found and their resolutions were recorded in the tool, even if those problems have been reported and resolved at the local level.

Hence the DPMF offers a Problem Reporting tool that allows:

  1. Problems that are reported and resolved locally to be recorded centrally.
  2. Problems that are reported locally but which cannot be resolved locally to be passed on to the SDM or other stakeholder for resolution. This may be for any reason, for example because the problem involves the interaction of several parts of the overall system.

Access to the problem reporting tool is restricted to registered users.

What sort of problems should be reported?

The problem reporting procedure is intended to be used to record any kind of problem experienced in the implementation and usage of the data link services in Europe. For example it should be used to report problems relating to:

  • The operational use of datalink services (DLIC, ACM, ACL and AMC)
  • The use of ATN
  • The accomodation of FANS 1/A aircraft
  • The use of VDL Mode 2
  • Any specific piece of technical equipment.

How to report a problem

A separate online tool is provided to manage problem reporting and a guide for how to use the CRO Issue management Tool is provided on this wiki and a short video demonstrating how to access and use the tool is also available.