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ARINC have published on the 30th June some information about their multi-frequency plans, which is reproduced below....

Hi! ARINC felt it was important for us to provide our customers with an updated status relative to our Alternate Frequency Migration Project. Below is a high level summary of our plan as it is right now. We will send out periodic updates to this plan as sites below get cutover.

ARINC Implements VDL Frequency Plan to Improve VDL/ATN Performance in Europe:

During week 22 ARINC began activities to establish a new VDL alternate frequency 136.725 MHz dedicated to ARINC customers. This activity is part of the industry VDL alternate frequency migration plan to offload the saturated VDL common signaling channel CSC on 136.975 MHz (shared with SITA). This migration plan requires ARINC to vacate the VDL alternate frequency 136.875 MHz, which has been shared with SITA since 2015 and will now be dedicated to SITA.

During the transition period ARINC aircraft will be accommodated on the CSC channel while the new 136.725 cloud is being established. Unfortunately this transition will also cause an increase in Provider Abort rate while the CSC is used for all traffic. Once the 136.725 MHz alternate frequency cloud is established we expect the performance and PA rates to significantly improve for ARINC-connected aircraft operating on the dedicated 136.725 MHz alternate frequency. ARINC is diligently working with various CAA’s in support of obtaining the new license required for 136.725 MHz. ARINC is making progress in this regard and is optimistic that the new VDL alternate frequency will be fully implemented by the end of 2016 (sooner if possible). Below is a list of sites where ARINC will be implementing the VDL alternate frequency 136.725 MHz:

No. Second Frequency Stations Country License Approval Date Site Visit Date Status
1 AMS Netherlands - - Waiting for Approval
2 CDG France - - Waiting for Approval
3 CPH Denmark 05-11-2016 07-06-2016 Site Visit Scheduled
4 FRA Germany 06/27/16 - Waiting to Schedule Site Visit
5 GVA Switzerland - Waiting for Approval
6 HAM Germany 06/27/16 - Waiting to Schedule Site Visit
7 LGW Great Britain 06-10-2016 06/15/16 136.725 Turned-off due to (ATIS Interference at Airport)
8 LTN Great Britain 06-10-2016 06/23/16 136.725 Operational
9 ORY France - - Waiting for Approval

Coinciding with the above VDL frequency migration, EasyJet has significantly increased the volume of CPDLC usage (a 10-fold increase), further leading to an increase in PA rates. ARINC is working with our customers to upgrade in-service fleets to VDL multi-frequency capable avionics versions (e.g. Airbus ATSU CSB8.3). This is expected to have a substantial impact towards improving the overall VDL and PA performance.

ARINC regrets the potential impact the decreased PA performance maybe having on our customers during the VDL frequency migration period. However, we hope you share ARINC’s position in taking a proactive step towards implementing the VDL alternate frequency plan as quickly as possible. Ultimately improving the overall VDL/ATN performance for our customers and the industry.

Thank you for your patience, understanding, and continued support!